About This Blog

4+ years ago, during college, I started really trying to focus on living a healthier lifestyle - physically, emotionally, and spiritually - which resulted in creating this blog as an attempt to share all of the above in hopes that it would be encouraging [in some small way] to others.

As I transitioned from college in Chicago to an internship in St. Louis - including a big transition of getting engaged - my blogging starting transitioning too. 

Now - I have relocated to Wisconsin +  I'm married, newlywed actually, which means yet another new chapter of blogging has begun. My husband, our families, and our friends are spread out all over the world [literally!] so its kinda cool to get to share life together via something as easy as a blog.

Thanks for being willing to come along for the ride with me. I love the life that God continues to bless me with every day. I am blessed to be surrounded by supportive and loving people. I pray that my actions and conversations will be a blessing to others daily, this blog being one part of the many ways that hopefully happens!


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