Tuesday, January 13

A girl at a bar.

Each month, on the first Tuesday night I can be found sitting {usually} by myself at a restaurant. Now with no context this might sound like an odd way for me to spend my time but there is purpose to it. My church offers a monthly Bible study for young adults. Each month the topic changes, the restaurant changes, and usually the people change too.

I have led this Bible study for the past year and each month I have a period of time where it's just me, sitting at a table by myself in a restaurant full of people anticipating the arrival of my group. Adam comes when his own work schedule allows which drastically changes the dynamic of those initial moments of waiting. 

I am an extrovert by nature so I love being around people but I'm also not afraid of being alone...it's just kind of weird. When it's just me sitting on my own on these first Tuesdays, I find myself wondering more what others are thinking about me which is fairly self-centered to be honest. It's not very likely that the entire restaurant or bar is analyzing my aloneness, but it's sure easy to think that. 

I also find myself wondering if people will come? Am I prepared for the study? What else would/could I be doing if I wasn't here? Is this what it's like to go on a blind date and get there first?

Silly questions really, but it's always interesting to me where my mind wanders in those alone & waiting moments. Last Tuesday night was one of those alone kind of Tuesdays. The cool thing is that after those few moments of waiting and being alone it turned into a night full of good conversation & good food. We discussed an article on what it meant to simply our life from a spiritual standpoint and looked at what the Bible had to say. Check the article out for yourself if you like: Simple Spirituality

It's on night's like these where I get such a tangible reminder of how God is working in my life {and yours!} constantly. For as necessary as times of waiting and listening and being alone are, they are followed with times of community and purpose and faith-growth and it is through those moments or seasons where things might feel a little awkward that we get to better appreciate what the next day holds. God is good.