Thursday, March 29

Lots of life.

Yikes, it was brought to my attention recently that it has been a loooooonnnnnnnggggg time since I have blogged, and quite honestly I miss it! Hopefully everyone doesn't mind a post with lots of fun pictures of life that has been happening. Here we go...

Fall Semester - a few exciting and favorite highlights:

Homecoming, we lucked out and had awesome weather, check out the blue sky behind us!

Then the Rodriguez's & the Snyder's came and spent a few days in Chicago before John & Allison left for Japan! 

(This is all of us at Harry Caray's before our bike tour of downtown Chicago)

Thanksgiving! Got to see my family and godparents and run a race with a turkey on T-day. After Thanksgiving we even got in a trip to the Creation Museum


Some highlights: Adam visiting & seeing the National Tree in DC, happening across the craziest Christmas cheer street in Baltimore, and playing lots of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with the little boys.

Spring Semester, not finished, but here are some fun things that have happened so far:

     I hosted a bridal shower for Jordan & Kevin here in Chicago. (I had awesome helpers!)
Spring Break: Adam & I enjoyed time down south (and enjoyed tons of awesome food!)

And then most recently, last but not least, St. Patrick's Day downtown!

 Whewww. I tried to write little, since who wants to read when you can look at pictures anyways?!
More life soon + a healthy lifestyle thoughts update.

Love you all!