Monday, February 17

Round 2.

After getting off to a reasonably good start to a week last Monday & being so determined to be thankful for things each day, let's just say my plans for the week disintegrated as the week went on. Monday + Tuesday were innocent enough but then Wednesday arrived. Wednesday in and of itself was not the issue, the issue was that I woke up with a sore throat and by the end of the day felt all the symptoms of a cold coming on...again.

After Adam + I being sick at the end of January I was pretty sure that would be our little sickness for this winter and we were good. Apparently I was very wrong as I spent Thursday-Saturday feeling less than awesome. This was one of those colds were you have zero energy, everything hurts and on top of it all you can't really breathe, ugh. I was really disappointed at the timing of this sickness because it meant missing most of the basketball tournament that Adam's team was playing in this weekend. I got to see their last game yesterday afternoon since I finally started to feel human again.  His team took 3rd place in their league tournament which was exciting :)

As I was laying around being sick and exhausted these last few days, I couldn't help but think back to the first time I got sick while I was in college. Read: The first time being sick without Mom to take care of you. My freshman year of college was something of a shock to my immune system. Sharing a bathroom & living spaces with 40 other girls was not exactly a germ-free thing. Growing up with siblings I was used to the whole family ending up sick if one person was...but a sickness getting around to 5-8 people is nothing compared to a whole dorm's worth of college freshman. YIKES. I guess that being sick without mom around is part of growing up, but I don't think anyone likes that particular right of passage.

Adam and I have been together for almost 5 years now and have gotten to take care of each other during a sickness or two during that time. One time our Junior year of college we were both sick with some awful cold/flu type of thing and had no medicine so a trip to the store was in order. Neither one of us felt any better than the other so we both trudged out to the store together for moral support. Adam had called his mom before we left to find out what medicine she usually gave him. When we got to the store, the kind of medicine he was looking for was behind the counter - so as we talked with the pharmacist on duty the pharmacist started trying to talk Adam into getting a different medicine. That conversation lasted all of 1 minute before Adam declared that "his mom told him to get the medicine he was asking for and that was what he was going to get". It was at that point that I think the pharmacist finally realized he was dealing with two sick and very cranky college students, ha! We got the medicine and left, but that story always makes me laugh. :)

These last few days, Adam has been the best at making sure I got lots of rest and had everything I needed, which is something for which I am incredibly thankful - including some things I didn't need, like heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast one morning and renting a new movie to watch. :)

*Side note: We rented Captain Phillips and really enjoyed it, if any of you are looking for a movie recommendation!

So all in all, last week + this past weekend did not turn out quite like I had planned or wanted for that matter - but that is okay. Thankful for another, healthier, week ahead.

Happy Valentine's Day to me :) Loved by a very caring husband.