Thursday, August 30

Drink coffee. Read books. Be happy.

Really, my daily life can be as simple or as complicated as I let it become. The reality is that, most days my mantra need only be:

I mean really, those 3 things in some capacity [most days] are about as simple as a to-do list should get.  Especially considering the books I try to read the most are all found in the Bible. "Be happy". That is one part of this list that does trip me up. "Happy" isn't always easy when mornings are too early, work days are too long, and close friends and family are too far away. So today,
Joy to me can be a foundation for feelings when "happy" just doesn't cut it.  An emotion that has solidity where happiness can be incredibly fleeting and subjective. Joy comes from a deeper place. A place where I daily seek to 
Let go. Let God. 4 words that are freeing and yet also inevitably the start of adventure that becomes my every day life [especially working full-time in ministry].  God [whether I 'let' Him or not] loves me so much that He grows my faith and works on my heart everyday. My faith growing is a daily adventure, which may seem like a funny way to think about the 24 hours in any given day [as an adventure], but I want you to take a moment and consider this:
I read all this...
An adventure to learn that
and to 

Adventure is the best way to learn that
Because, simply put, 
seriously. everyone.
But each day is never to short to


So on this daily adventure of life, I try to

Tuesday, August 14

Free running music, what??!

Yesterday, I shared about little moments that I think are kinda important to focus on. Well today, had an AWESOME moment when these 3 things happened: (And by awesome moment, I mean awesome run)

  1. The weather here is 76 degrees (also overcast)
  2. Realized one of my favorite pairs of running shorts were now clean (woohoo for laundry)
  3. Found a FREE downloadable running playlist (Thank you SHAPE magazine)

I really enjoy running with music, and it having someone else make a playlist for my run - that is just making my day right now!

Wanted to share this fun find with all of you (runners or not):

Happy Tuesday all. :)

Monday, August 13

Little moments.

Woah. Time has totally gone by considering my last post was celebrating Kevin & Jordan's marriage (their one month wedding annivsersary is tomorrow!).
I recently finished listening to a book on cd where the main character often shared her thoughts on what she called 'the little moments'. She many times commented that when we stop and think about all of the little moments that make up the very nature of our lives every day we quickly can see how they build up to a big picture. If we can't see the bigger picture yet, its because we are still so closely involved in the little moments still working to make up the bigger picture.
Just sitting here thinking about the last month, there is not one BIG moment to share (like a wedding!), but man, I am floored to think about those little moments...I have heard people talk about how sometimes its the 'little things' that matter most - but I personally like and seek to value little moments much more! A moment is like a pause in time when you look back where we get to see things with better perspective. A moment can be a short pause when it is happening where we get to grasp how blessed we are or live with clarity - even again, if it is just for a moment.

Little moments for me this past month include:

Using my favorite coffee mugs
Spending a day canoeing & experiencing the awesomeness of creation with Sr. Youth
Any moment planning our wedding (Adam/mine)
Finally making time to do laundry
Meeting new people
Trivia night on Thursdays
Wathcing the Olympics opening ceremony with new friends
Dinner with familiar faces
A road trip with middle schoolers to go and serve immigrants in Kansas City
Getting ice cream with Adam's parents when they were in town
Getting mail
Kevin & Jordan moving to St. Louis
Getting new fish (Jack died. Not such a great little moment, but a moment nonetheless)
A phone call from Adam sharing how exciting it was that August 2nd marked a year until our wedding
Sitting by the pool with friends
Writing Bible studies (as my job - woohoo!!)
Talking to my parents
Making cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning
Free Chipotle
Free Happy Hour
Spending an evening at a concert with more Sr. Youth
Bible study on Tuesday nights
Realizing that every day is one more closer to being married (YES!)
Good conversations

I wish I was better at remembering little moments. But yeah, I love moments, little & big. Good stuff.

a tiny shapshot of some life stuff :)