Friday, November 30

November on Fast Forward.

December 1st is TOMORROW - woah! Do not quite know how the whole month of November seemed to just get away from me. Continuing to be blessed to serve God's people through my internship. Thankful for great family & friendships both new and old. Excited that the day I get to marry Adam is getting closer and closer! Since a lot of life has happened that means picture flashes of what's been going on lately since I last blogged! :) 

First 1/2 Marathon = complete. 

Final time: 2:17:34.

Some of my favorite signs that fans were holding along the race course, I kept repeating the phrases to myself to I would remember them to write down after the race!

Finisher! Such an awesome morning!


Because everyone loves an excuse to dress up!

Women of Faith Conference 

This was in Kansas City, went with a great group of ladies from church! 

Got to see Adam (and his family)!

Adam's brother was in his first play for his High School so Adam and I both traveled in to his parents house for the weekend. Andrew did an AWESOME job!

Started one of our of wedding registries!

This was a lot of fun, Adam was in charge of the scan gun, his Mom took lots of pictures and gave us some great advice, I was in charge of the clipboard - everyone was happy! 

[Insert me being sick with some kind of flu-ish thing for a week here. Boo.]

Macy's Festival of Lights - St. Louis Version!

Jordan and I ventured to the Festival of Lights to help STL welcome in the Christmas season. Chicago has a parade for this - STL did a concert, fireworks, and then we all walked in a brief parade over to the downtown Macy's which was filled with all kinds of Christmas activities. Jordan and I just made sure to hunt down the free cookies and hot chocolate!


I had the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving this year. We played lots of Chutes and Ladders, ran a Turkey Trot, had a Thanksgiving meal as a family - including my grandparents, and in general I got to spend some quality time just hanging out with my family during their normal day-to-day activities. Precious time!

Decorated for Christmas!

Christmas is one of my most favorite things in the world - so very excited to have Christmas music going constantly, and finally get to put up my Christmas tree - even got a little one for my fish! Adam and I will get to be together on Christmas Day this year which is also super exciting! Currently working on a list of all of the St. Louis Christmas activities I want to do this upcoming month...

Looking ahead...

My dear friend and Maid-of-Honor is coming out to visit next week and work on some wedding stuff with me - can't wait to see her!!

I pray this post finds any reader doing well. If I can be praying for any of you in anyway - I would be more than honored and happy to do so. Also, if anyone is stopping through the St. Louis area, I always love visitors! :)