Saturday, June 30

Can't wait for August 2, 2013!

There are countless wedding themed blogs, magazines, and books out there that have written posts, articles, and chapters on why couples should consider getting engagement photos taken. 

After getting ours taken in Old Town Chicago - on the last day of our undergrad college experience and just a month after getting engaged - I can condense the other blogs/magazines/books down to one piece of advice: Their worth is priceless!
 Getting the photos taken is such an awesome memory to have together, both the experience and the finished product afterwards!!

Once the slight stress of figuring out what to wear, where to have the photos taken, which photographer you are going to pick, what kind of photos are you looking for...etc, etc, all said and done - the best part is that its all part of the adventure and special time of being engaged and getting ready for happily ever after!

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A full album with more photos can be found here: Our Engagement Session
All photo credit goes to Modern Image Studios