Thursday, May 2


Hello long lost blog world. :)

Usually when I have not blogged for a while several things happen [1] I keep telling myself I should blog [2] I write a long post, filled with pictures in an effort to catch up and [3] I go through a period of life where I notice I am less grateful for what is happening in it every day and how God is working. End result [4] sometimes, I get cranky because I have procrastinated, I don't know where to blog to even start to 'catch up' and have forgotten things I wanted to remember and reflect on. AGH.

So today, no 'catch up' post. Know that since I last blogged I have been blessed to be alive each and every day in between then and now, and sit here humbled and thankful for that realization. 

What I want to share though, is a deep deep amount of gratitude. In this past week I have ben blessed to share life with so many dear friends, family and even my fiancĂ©. They have all blessed me beyond what they know. This past weekend involved: 
  • The company of 7 out of town guests in my 1 room apartment [ultimate girls sleepover]
  • Shopping with my Mom
  • The Color Run in downtown St. Louis [in the rain]
  • Trying on my wedding dress for the first time [talk about overwhelming!]
  • Seeing my girl's bridesmaid dresses, which just came in [awesome]
  • A wonderful and thoughtfully planned Bridal Shower
  • A surprise visit from Adam [WOW]
  • Worshipping with everyone in from out of town
  • Brewery visits
  • Lots of trips back forth to the airport
  • Getting ear piercings with some of my bridesmaids [spontaneous]
  • Amazing weather
  • A trip to the zoo [I got to pet 3 sharks, so that was sweet]
  • Running and biking in the park with Adam [The best!]
  • Surprise dinner night with Adam [homemade by him too]
  • Wedding planning time [DJ & limo booked, invitations designed]
  • So so many meals shared with dear friends
  • Many many tears shed [Both tears of joy and sad tears as the goodbyes began]

Most of the first half of that list, happened on Saturday alone, whew! But each and every second of the memories on that list, are filled with moments of life shared that are irreplaceable and to an extent can not be fully described here. As I reflect on them now, I am filled with deep gratitude for friends and family who are examples to me of God's great love.

I challenge anyone reading this to cherish each part of their days - good, bad, awesome, terrible or otherwise, and rest in a place of gratitude for all that you do have.