Monday, January 5

Ready. Set. Go.

As we went to bed Friday night, I consciously knew that the weekend would be busy, that laundry needed to be done, and of course unpacking...etc. What I subconsciously knew was that I would not really feel like doing any of those activities. With the preparations for Christmas in general & simultaneously getting ready to be gone for week, and now being back and getting back into the rhythm of daily life, I feel like there is always something that needs to be done. We are usually really busy, ministering to 2 different church communities takes up a lot of {unconventional} time. We are working most weekends and many week nights and while that means that we might not get into the office at the traditional start of a work day, that also means that projects or household things other families accomplish on weekends don't always fit in that same spot for us. 

So. My solution, which is in no way profound, has been trying hard to (1) Pick 1 or 2 us/home things to do at a time and (2) to not let time deter my progress. Maybe I don't have a solid block of time to wash, dry, fold, AND put-away laundry, but I just get as far as I can. Last night, I unpacked the rest of our suitcases and got some laundry washed and dried; this morning, laundry went in as I jumped in the shower, which was at least one less thing to do when we get home from work tonight. Same thing applies to errands. In the last couple of days we have gone on several little errands runs as we have had time. Would it be nice to just get everything done at one? Of course. but we are making life work with the time we have.
I'm sure many of you who have been managing your homes for a lot longer than me are reading this and smiling to yourself, remembering the early days of figuring out your own family norms. However, to anyone reading this who is new at this married adventure or even just living on your own for the first time, I wish I had better advice than the reality that you just have to make the most of whatever time you have and get something done, but I really don't. My encouragement though is that doing something does make a difference. You will feel better, something will be accomplished that wasn't before, and to me, that is a win :) 

Our various unpacking/Christmas messes these last few days. Messes look classier in black and white right?! :)