Friday, September 12

Flashback Friday.

One of my best friends reflected to me this summer that she feels like my life is always busier in the summertime...and this summer that has felt especially true! Despite finishing internship, moving, AND getting married last summer...all of that still somehow seemed to take less time/energy/busy-ness than summer 2014 in the Rodriguez family. 

Thankfully though, our summer schedule has been full with seeing family and friends and doing ministry (yay jobs and Jesus!). We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary with a day-trip to Chicago. Adam surprised me which was fun, despite the fact that that meant being woken up at 5am the day we were leaving...He's just great :) I will share more about our trip in a post all it's is a sneak preview for now:
For Adam, work is still kinda crazy since his church is still without a pastor, making Adam the only full-time ministry position on staff. For me work isn't crazy BUT as of this past Sunday I am officially transitioning from being a temporary fill-in to the official & called Director of Christian Education. In an added bonus, I teach 2 mornings a week in the school at Adam's church to help cover Confirmation classes that the Pastor used to teach with Adam. This time one year ago we had no idea where I would be working...God is cool.

Both Adam and I took our middle school students to a place called Camp Luther for their yearly Confirmation camp trip. My students go on a different weekend than his however, so I got to head to camp twice in the span of a week! 

Adam picked me up from my second camp trip and in keeping with our summer schedule this year, we headed straight to Indiana for his sister & brother-in-law's US homecoming :) Thankfully traffic was in our favor both directions of the 8 hr drive. It's been 20 months since all of us have been together, not that Adam's mom was counting or anything... :) Our trip was short but sweet. We squeezed in a spontaneous tour of Lucas Oil Field where the Colts play, celebrated Allison's birthday, skyped the all of the grandparents in Alabama, and his sister, mom, and I even got a mini-girls 'day' in. Whew. 

Our trip to Indiana was our last big trip/event of the summer...Kaitlin's wedding in Indiana, Jamie & Scott's visit, my family's visit, Vacation Bible school at my church, road trip to Mobile, Alabama for Granddaddy's memorial service, mission trip to Michigan, mission trip to Indiana, Camp Luther x 2, road trip to Indiana, Vacation Bible School at Adam's church...and now the school year has started which actually means our schedule goes back to more of a 'normal' rhythm. Ah. 

Today marks 30 days until we run the Chicago Marathon. Despite our schedules this summer we have been managing to fit training time in. We are at the point though were our long runs are just that..LONG. Tomorrow a 17 miler is on deck. Wish me luck!

I may sound redundant in writing this again, but I really could not be more thankful for getting to be together with many of our friends and family throughout this busy season of summer. Mostly, that means scheduling Skype dates or scheduling phone calls to make sure we don't miss out on life together...but hey whatever works :) If you have made it this far in today's post, I'm impressed...kudos to you, enjoy finding this cute & free download to use! Free download here > Lost Bumble Bee Last thing, for those of you who were wondering > yes it is cold here, it is currently 48 degrees outside...yikes! Winter is coming. Help!


Free download here > Lost Bumble Bee

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